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Mid after Mid, it seems there’s really no escaping the diffusion silhouette, and though a close likeness to the famed Air Jordan 1 High, it still leaves just a bit to be desired in terms of its overall design. Knowing this, however, the brand has slowly begun reinstating heritage schemes with loose deviations from their traditional form, adding in new materials or throwing the scheme for a loop with different arrangements. Unequivocally of that sort, this latest takes the ever-coveted, near infinitely praised “Chicago” and adds color toes the likeness of no other save for a triple black. Side panels, tongues, and even the midsoles walls go along with the classic — save for the inclusion of red tread — while accents by way of the swoosh, top line padding, aforementioned forefoot, and laces prefer the much darker shade. If you’re looking to tide yourself over for the colorway’s rumored revival, then take a peek below and sit tight for a release at select retailers